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Welcome to The 13th Year of Ruin: The Beginning

Welcome to Modae, in the 13th year of Ruin on your first mission as a low ranking member of The Blackspawn Raiders Adventuring Company.

Different aspects of Modae

Important Locations in Modae
Dwarven Clockwork
Material Realm
Spectral Realm
Shadow Realm
Timeline of Modae
Plagues of Modae
Drugs of Modae

PCs of Modae

Eldrein – Daevan Adventurer
Emeria Radoka – Pixie Warlock
Lion – Lionman Fighter
Mors Noli – Human Wizard
DĂșon of the CalithilGwaedh – Wood Elf Fighter

NPCs of Modae

The NPCs of the Campaign
Gris Zealot – Leader of a local group of adventuring company located near between Axis in a town called Barovia.
Haragin “Clock-Forge” Ragnarsson – Artificer – Warrior Engineer dedicated to maintaining Gris Zealot’s clockwork limbs.
Peter Griffon – A bronze griffon that is a Wondrous Item.

Organizations of Modae

The Blackspawn Raiders Adventuring Company – An adventuring company known throughout Modae.
The Black Drakes – A rather infamous band of thugs interested in causing trouble and make gold in anyway they can. Run by a goblin as
The Provokers – An organization that deals with law breakers according to their leader’s ideals.

Important Individuals of Power

As the PCs wander the world of Modae, they will begin to gain or lose favor with each of the various Individuals of Power. As they gain favor, they can get a reduced price on items at the place that that faction is located at.

The Archmage – Quoben Milltall, a former student of the Lich King and current advisor of the Emperor.
The Crusader – Magaga Milner the Dragonrider, a high ranking Paladin dedicated to the service of the Emperor and leader of the Imperial Crusaders.
The Diabolist – Carstine Wyvernjack, a sorceress of great power, the woman that helped bring the Shadow Prince into the world of Modae.
The Dwarf King – Lord Udonan Dagarkin Earthfriend, the current ruler of the Forge and an expert in the creation of Masterwork Clockwork devices.
The Elf Queen – Lady Aratranna Dragonsoultouched, half sister of the High Druid and rival for power.
The Emperor – Emperor Searil Songsteel, a young man raised by the Great Gold Wyrm and rider of a large Silver Wyrm.
The Great Gold Wyrm – Kongol Feyrbrand is believed to be the favored patron of the Emperor and occasionally offers wyrmlings for the crusaders to ride and train with.
The High Druid – Lord Davkul Bearcharger, half brother of Elf Queen and rival for power, currently residing in the Wild Woods. Teacher of the Druidic arts to any and all interested in the Druid Ways.
The Lich King – Morda Roke, a former Archmage that decided that he needed to have a say in how the world of Modae was
The Orc Lord – Lord Xanamros Darkeyes Tyrantfeller
The Priestess – Nerisella Gladomain,
The Prince of Shadows – A lord of the Shadow Realm brought to Modae by the Diabolist.
The Three – Davhorn Laughshield, Lady Kriscaryn Wolfswift, Zannan Wolfswift and Yenorin Axeager are the Law Enforcers of Modae. The Judge, Jury and Executioner


Escalation Die
Stress and Insanity
Stunt System

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